Wire Size 21 Cobalt Drill Bit


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Wire Size 21 Cobalt Aircraft Drill Bit

  • COBALT MATERIAL:  Cobalt Steel is the premium material with high hardness and red hardness to enable long drilling life.
  •  SPLIT POINT ANGLE 135 DEG.: No center punch is needed- the aggressive 135 deg.tip.
  • Wire Size 21 Cobalt Drill Bit is a type of drill bit that is designed for drilling through hard metals, such as stainless steel, titanium, and inconel. Cobalt drill bits have a higher heat resistance and durability than standard high-speed steel drill bits, making them ideal for aerospace applications. Wire size drill bits are numbered from 1 to 80, with lower numbers indicating larger diameters. Size 21 corresponds to a diameter of 0.159 inches or 4.04 mm. Cobalt drill bits have a split point tip that reduces walking and a 135-degree angle that improves penetration.

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