Weiler Miniature Wire Wheel Stainless


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Weiler Miniature Wire Wheel Stainless Made in USA

MINIATURE WHEEL, .003″ STAINLESS STEEL FILL, 1/8″ STEM Weiler 1″ Wire Wheel Brush contains fine crimped wire fill for light-duty cleaning and deburring on non-ferrous and precious metals. 1/8″a stem for use on flexible shaft tool and high-speed pencil grinders

A miniature wire wheel is a type of brush that is used to clean and polish small or hard-to-reach areas, such as metal surfaces, jewelry, or dental instruments. A stainless-steel wire wheel is made of corrosion-resistant metal that can withstand high temperatures and abrasive materials. A 1/8 stem is the diameter of the shaft that connects the wheel to the tool, such as a drill or a grinder.

Weiler is a brand that produces various types of wire wheels, including miniature ones. Based on the web search results, I found some possible options for you:

  • The **Weiler 26014 1″ Miniature Wheel, .003″ Stainless Steel

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