Ventline Arm Operator Assembly


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Ventline Arm Operator Assembly

Ventline Arm Operator Assembly with Crank Handle and Screw BV0115-04

This unit works on Pre-2008

Ventline BV0115-04 Arm Operator Assembly. This is typically a part of Ventline’s ventilation products, often used in RVs or mobile homes. The arm operator assembly is usually involved in the mechanism that opens and closes the vent.

The Ventline Arm Operator Assembly with Crank Handle and Screw BV0115-04 is a replacement part for Ventline roof vents. It consists of a metal arm that connects the vent lid to the crank mechanism, a plastic handle that allows manual opening and closing of the vent, and a screw that secures the handle to the arm. The assembly is easy to install and compatible with most Ventline roof vents models. To install the assembly, you will need a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Follow these steps:

1. Remove the old arm operator assembly by unscrewing the handle from the arm and detaching the arm from the vent lid and the crank mechanism.
2. Align the new arm operator assembly with the vent lid and the crank mechanism, and insert the arm into the slots on both sides.
3. Attach the handle to the arm using the screw provided, and tighten it with a screwdriver.
4. Test the operation of the vent by turning the handle clockwise and counterclockwise. The vent should open and close smoothly and securely.
5. Enjoy fresh air and ventilation in your RV with your new Ventline Arm Operator Assembly with Crank Handle and Screw BV0115-04.

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