Valterra Water Pressure Regulator


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  • Valterra Water Pressure Regulator A01-1120VP

    • Regulates incoming water pressure to 40-50 PSI
    • Protects RV plumbing against high pressure
    • Conforms to CA and VT laws for drinking water fixtures

    Valterra A01-1120VP Water Pressure Regulator. This is a device that’s typically used in RVs and motorhomes to control the water pressure coming from the city water supply into the vehicle’s system. It helps to protect the RV’s plumbing from damage caused by high pressure.

    The Valterra A01-1120VP model is known for its durability and reliability. It’s designed to reduce unregulated water pressures from over 100 psi down to a safe pressure for most RVs (generally around 40-50 psi).

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