Shiny Brass Cabinet Overlay Hinge


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Shiny Brass Cabinet Overlay Hinge

8 Shiny Brass Plated Flush Self-Closing Cabinet Overlay Hinge These Brass Self-Closing Full-Overlay Door Hinges are constructed from durable steel and feature a classic brass finish to complement interior accents. Use these hinges for mounting cabinet doors, such as kitchen or vanity doors. * Use for mounting cabinet doors * Ideal for kitchen cabinet or vanity door mounting * Durable steel construction * Classic polished-brass finish * Self-closing feature * Installs in face-frame cabinets only .

If you are looking for a durable and elegant solution for your cabinet doors, you might want to consider the 8 Shiny Brass Plated Flush Self-Closing Cabinet Overlay Hinge. This hinge is designed to fit flush with the cabinet frame, creating a seamless look that enhances the beauty of your furniture. The hinge also features a self-closing mechanism that ensures your doors close softly and securely every time. The brass plating adds a touch of sophistication and style to your cabinets, while also resisting corrosion and tarnishing. The hinge is easy to install. DOES NOT included screws and instructions, and it comes in a pack of 8 to complete your project.

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