RV C-Clip Door Holder 3 inch


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RV C-Clip Door Holder 3 inch White with White Head Screws

  • Constructed of durable plastic
  • Direct replacement
  • Mounting screws included
  • Holder Length: 3″
  • A 3 inch C-Clip door holder is a type of door holder that can securely hold your RV door open. It is made of either metal or plastic and has a C-shaped clip that attaches to a metal arm on the door. It is easy to install and comes with mounting screws.

The RV C-Clip Door Holder 3 inch is a durable and easy-to-install accessory for your RV door. It is designed to hold the door open securely and prevent it from slamming shut due to wind or vibration. The C-Clip Door Holder is made of high-quality plastic and metal, and it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is compatible with most RV doors and comes with mounting screws and instructions. To use the C-Clip Door Holder, simply attach it to the door frame and the door itself and snap the clip into place when you want to keep the door open. To release the clip, just pull it out gently. The RV C-Clip Door Holder 3 inch is a must-have for any RV owner who wants to enjoy fresh air and natural light without worrying about their door.

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