RED Marker light P2 93


Measures 1-1/8″ X 3-1/2″

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RED Marker light P2 93

Peterson Mfg

Measures 1-1/8″ X 3-1/2″
RED Marker light P2 93 is a red incandescent trailer light that can be used as either a side marker light or a clearance light when properly mounted. It has a built-in reflex reflector that removes the need for a separate reflector. The light is compatible with 12V DC electrical systems and has a 2-wire design with power lead and ground wire. The dimensions of the light are 3-15/16″ long x 1-7/8″ tall x 1/2″ deep, and the distance between mounting holes (center on center) is 3-3/8″. The bulb type is 194, and the power draw at 12.8V is 0.2 amps
The P2 designation means that the lamp can be used as either a side marker lamp or a clearance lamp, but not at the same time.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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