Radio Knob Bakelite Aircraft


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Radio Knob Bakelite Aircraft

It will fit any 1/4″ shaft and has set screws to hold it securely.

The vantage radio knob is a crucial component of the aircraft’s communication system. It is made of bakelite, a durable and heat-resistant material that can withstand the high temperatures and vibrations of the cockpit. The knob allows the pilot to adjust the frequency and volume of the radio, as well as to switch between different channels. The vantage radio knob is designed to be easy to operate, even with gloves on, and to provide clear and reliable audio feedback.

Vantage Radio Knob Aircraft Bakelite These came from government surplus 1/4″ round hole with 2 set screws in

brass collar 7/8″ on the round part 1-1/2″ from wing-to-wing 5/8″ high Made of Bakelite with brass insert.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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