Angled Plunger Socket Door Holder




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Angled Plunger Socket Door Holder

Entry Door Holder-Metal -Plunger 4-3/4″ /angled

Entry door holder with metal plunger and round rubber socket

. Zinc base and measures 4 3/4 inches with angled arm.

RV Angled Plunger and Socket Door Holder. This is a type of door holder that’s commonly used in recreational vehicles (RVs).

The design includes a plunger and a socket. When the RV door is opened, the angled plunger slides over the socket and then drops into place, holding the door open securely. This can be particularly useful in an RV where doors might swing closed due to movement or wind.

The holder is typically easy to install on the door and adjacent wall of the RV, and it’s a simple but effective solution for keeping doors open when needed.

The rv Angled Plunger Socket Door Holder is a durable and convenient accessory for your rv entry door. It features a metal plunger that can be adjusted to hold the door open at different angles. The plunger is mounted on a 4-3/4-inch-long socket that attaches to the door frame. The door holder is easy to install and use, and it prevents the door from slamming shut due to wind or vibration. The rv Angled Plunger Socket Door Holder is a must-have for any rv owner who wants to enjoy the fresh air and natural light without compromising security or comfort.

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