5/64 inch Cobalt Drill Bit M42 USA 10 Pack


10 Pcs 5/64″ Cobalt Drill Bit M42

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5/64 inch Cobalt Drill Bit M42
  • 5/64”
  • Fluke Length 1”
  • Overall Length 2″
  • Dec. Equiv. .0781
  • 10 Pack
  • Michigan Drill
  • Material: Cobalt drill bits are made of a mixture of cobalt and steel alloy. They are usually 5% to 8% cobalt, with the rest being steel. This makes them durable and able to drill through rigid materials like cast iron.
  • Construction: Cobalt bits are made with a steel alloy that contains a small amount of cobalt. This means they can drill into steel and harder metals, including cast iron. Titanium bits are made of steel, with a layer of titanium. They are not as strong as cobalt bits, and the coating wears down with regular use.

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