1/4″ Cobalt Drill Bits


  • 1/4″ Cobalt Drill Bits
  • 42 split point

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  • 1/4″ cobalt drill bits
    M 42 split point
    Made in USA
    4 inch long

Cobalt steel tools are similar to high-speed steel, but with more cobalt for improved performance when cutting harder metals such as stainless steel or nickel alloys Gold oxide is a thinner oxide surface treatment than black oxide typically used to identify cobalt steel tools; performance is similar to uncoated tools Round shanks allow use with a wide variety of tool holding systems When run in a counterclockwise direction (right-hand cut) spiral fluted tools evacuate chips up and out of the cut to reduce clogging Cobalt drills display higher red hardness and are especially effective in drilling hard or abrasive materials

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